Breaking: How Each Council Member Voted Behind the Scenes on Vacancy Applicants

As I reported in Fizz: Under pressure from Beacon Hill activist Roger Pence (and Fizz), city council president Tim Burgess has now decided to release how each council member voted during the behind-closed-doors process to move eight names forward out of the 43 applicants. Burgess sent me the following account this morning: Finalists with Council […]

PubliCalendar: What to Do on Earth Day, Plus a Climate Change Exclusive

For Today Earth Day Climate Action Festival There’s a lot going on in Seattle on Earth Day, but you might want to check out the Climate Action Festival in particular. Hosted at Seattle Central College, speakers include Earth Day founder Denis Hayes, Duwamish Tribe chair Cecile Hansen, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, Climate Solutions’ KC Golden, and master satirists the Yes Men.  Could […]

The Suburbs Get It

FRIDAY LIKES DISLIKES 1. The suburbs LIKE light rail. And transit oriented development (TOD). And multimodal transportation. And upzones. And pedestrian bridges. And all the green planning principles that are popular on supposedly exclusive blogs like CityLab.  That’s the only, once-improbable conclusion (anyone remember Rob McKenna or Kemper Freeman?) that one can draw from yesterday’s […]