Jan. 27 TV Picks: ‘Sirens’ season premiere on USA

‘Sirens’ It’s season two for this comedy from producer Denis Leary (“Rescue Me”). It follows the professional and personal (and more likely than not crude) adventures of three Chicago EMTs (Michael Mosley, Kevin Daniels and Kevin Bigley). Season premiere, 10 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 27, on USA (seattletimes.com/tvlistings). Doug Knoop, Seattle Times staff dknoop@seattletimes.com or on […]

Actor Allen Galli gets a crash course in ballet at PNB

“It’s kind of like doing a silent movie,” says Seattle actor Allen Galli, of his role as sidekick Sancho Panza in Pacific Northwest Ballet’s upcoming “Don Quixote.” “I steal a little bit of Buster Keaton, a little bit of Charlie Chaplin, a little bit of Harpo Marx. I’ve got a little homage to Harpo in […]

Solo tourists forbidden in historic New Orleans cemetery

NEW ORLEANS — A historic cemetery that may have begun the New Orleans tradition of above-ground crypts will soon be off-limits to tourists wandering about on their own because of tomb vandalism, the Catholic archdiocese that owns the property announced. Starting in March, entry to St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 and its labyrinth of mausoleums […]

Airlines begin digging out from storm in northeastern US

Lingering snow and subfreezing temperatures mean that travel delays in the Northeast will extend through Wednesday, even if the storm wasn’t as bad as expected. Airlines have already cancelled more than 500 flights for Wednesday, according to FlightAware.com. But that’s a reprieve after 7,600 U.S. flights got scrubbed and another 3,200 ran late on Monday […]

Snails slither into spa scene in Thailand and around world

CHIANG MAI, Thailand — The last time I encountered escargots they were served up by a French waiter, sizzling in garlic and herb butter. Now, one is slithering up the bridge of my nose while five others are being stuck onto other parts of my face by a Thai beautician, all secreting snail slime to […]

Interview: Marija Bulatovic, Author of ‘FANTASTICAL: Tales of Bears, Beer and Haemophilia’

Please welcome Marija Bulatovic, debut author of the memoir, FANTASTICAL: Tales of Bears, Beer and Haemophilia. Born in Yugoslavia in the 1970s, Marija immigrated to the U.S. in the 1990s just ahead of the 1990s Yugoslav wars and the breakup of the country. She’s an accomplished business professional with years of experience driving enterprise business […]

Book Review: Tracy Manaster Debuts With ‘You Could Be Home By Now,’ Novel About a Retirement Community

Tracy Manaster’s debut novel, You Could Be Home By Now, is an interconnected set of bittersweet études on the theme of loss. It’s set in an Arizona retirement community, where the seniors unlucky enough to have bought into their houses at the height of the real estate boom now find themselves in financial danger from […]

Art Book Review: ‘Cool Cat Blue’

Cool Cat Blue by artist Matthew Walker is an icon in the making. Cool Cat Blue is a blue anthropomorphic robot with a rough cat head, but mere verbal descriptions do not do the figure justice. These simple shapes and a distinctive color create an image that is quick and easy to recognize, just as […]

Private jets, mega yachts marketed at Sundance Film Festival

PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — There’s swag, and then there’s SWAG. Gift suites along Park City’s Main Street offer parkas and ski gear — fancy freebies to be sure — but the Rand Luxury Lounge in the St. Regis hotel took it to another level. Inside this swanky hilltop property, accessible by funicular, Sundance festival-goers […]

Sundance Watch: ‘Tangerine’ shot entirely with iPhones

PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — One Sundance movie was literally phoned in — the transgender prostitute tale “Tangerine.” The movie that premiered Friday at the Sundance Film Festival follows two characters Alexandra and Sin-Dee on a wild Christmas Eve night in Los Angeles as one chases after her pimp. It was shot entirely using iPhone […]

Review: A tired gimmick weakens thriller ‘Project Almanac’

What have we done to deserve another found-footage movie? The tired hand-held technique that seemed so fresh in 1999 with “The Blair Witch Project” long ago wore out its welcome. The only thing noteworthy about its use in “Project Almanac,” which follows a group of high school misfits who invent a time travel apparatus, is […]